Equip U is part of our supporting Branch for our main Ministries

times and locations can be found on the RockLife Homepage.


What to Expect

  • Everyone is welcomed
  • The morning starts with refreshments / snacks and hang out time with friends in the game room, coffee house room, and "the back"
  • After that, students from 5th -12th grade break up into groups with adult teachers for at time of teaching and discussion

What's the point?

  • Equip U is for teens seeking to take the "Next Step" in their walk with God
  • Equip U is focused on
    • Group Bible Studies through teachers and video series to help you get to know the God of the Bible more deeply
    • Training to help you be able to study the Bible on your own and integrate it into your life
    • Small group discussions to share questions, thoughts, and personal applications

Why we do Equip U

  • We believe in learning and spiritual growth that leads to applying and results in full devotion to Christ (Col. 1:28-29)
  • Our ultimate goal is not that you just gain more knowledge, but that you can learn and grow in your relationship with God on your own.  In essence we want you to be SELF TAUGHT.