Bob & Judy Long




15 Woodpine Ct

Columbia, SC 29212


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Bob and Judy Long served 5 years in Vietnam with the World Relief Commission of the National Association of Evangelicals. From 1976 until 2002 they were in full time missionary service with TEAM in Taiwan. Bob served as head of the pediatric service of TEAM’s hospital in Taitung, Taiwan. Judy was involved in field administration as well as Bible studies and other outreach. Following their retirement from full time service, Judy completed her Master of Counseling degree and has been involved in a counseling ministry at their local church. From 2002 – 2016 they were involved in member care of overseas missionaries through TEAM and the Christian Medical and Dental Association. They ministered primarily in Asia (Taiwan, China, Thailand and Indonesia), and through the CMDA also to medical missionaries in Africa, and other parts of Asia. Although no longer involved in overseas member care they continue ministry through their local church.