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Groups are the way we connect with others throughout the week in a smaller setting. They meet one night each week during the school year. Groups consist of about 8 to 16 people that meet to CARE for one another, SHARE Jesus with others, GROW in their relationship with God, and GO and serve together.

Why Join a Group?

You will build spiritually enriching relationships.
You will be in an ideal environment for spiritual growth.
You will be challenged to put God’s truth into practice.
You will be regularly prayed for and cared for.
You will enjoy regular fellowship with other believers.

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At Princetown Church, we are committed to helping people become devoted followers of Jesus. Groups are an ideal place for that to happen. Growing spiritually doesn't just happen when we know what Jesus says but when we apply what he says. Applying the Bible and living out our faith happens best in the context of community. To grow spiritually, you have to be connected relationally.