HOW do we FOLLOW JESUS ?KNOW God and SHOW God's love   ...   Matthew 27:37-39


(Matt. 22:37 “Love God with all your heart, soul & mind...”)

We don’t want kids to just know stories about God.  We want kids to begin a journey of building a relationship with Him.  We want kids to KNOW and LOVE God and develop a grateful attitude for all He does every day. 

  • BELIEVE - God wants to have a relationship with you!

God sent his only Son Jesus to earth to die for you, to take the punishment for your sins; he offers the free gift of life with him forever; we don't deserve it and there's nothing we can do to earn it.  God loves you so much and he wants you to experience his love now and forever.                                


  •  LISTEN & LEARN - God wrote the Bible for you!

He gave you cool stories and wisdom on how to live each day.    


  • TALK with God (PRAY) - God wants to hear from you any time!

He loves to hear you tell him what's going on, ask for help and even ask tough questions.  


  • THANK God - God loves to hear you say thank you!

Thank him for all the wonderful things he has made and done for you!                                   


(Matt. 22:39 "Love your neighbor...") 

We want kids' attitudes and actions to reflect God and his love working in their lives.  We want kids to SHOW God's LOVE to others at home, at church & in our community.

  • when I’m with my family and friends
  • when I make good choices
  • when I respect authorities (parents, church leaders, teachers, coaches, etc.)
  • when I use my talents and skills
  • when I serve and help others
  • when I talk about Jesus to others
  • when I thank God for what he has made and what he has done
  • I can SHOW God's LOVE to others ... in everything I do!