2015 Lift Camp

Dear Parents, Students, and Friends

     Camp was such an awesome experience.  God did some amazing things, from moving us out of our comforts zones, to showing us that He is real and can be trusted, or showing us that we can have fun and get a taste of life with other Christians on fire for Him.  God did a wonderous work in many lives.  We brought 27 students and 6 of them made a profession of faith.  God used the RockLife students to reach their friends for Christ and that was so incredible to see.  My prayer is that the things God did in our hearts during camp would continue grow and work in us throughout this next year.  Remember, you can be the one God uses to change your youth group, schools, families, neighborhoods, and world for His glory.  Be willing to be the one, don't wait for others.  That spirit and passion we saw for God at camp, continue to use that every Sunday and Wednesday here at church and throughout the rest of the week with whomever you come in contact with! Next years camp experience starts now. Start sharing with your friends how amazing camp is and what God did!  God can use that in their lives for his glory and we may see even more teens come with us in the future!  For all our students, always know that you have a family here at RockLife and Princetown Church.  We love you all.  Thanks for such an amazing and fun week! Lord willing, See you next year!



2015 Lift Camp Video

Life in 6 Words

The Gospel Message

written in a clear concise way so we can share it with the people in our lives

Life in 6 Words video! Rap artist Propaganda simply unpacks a 6-letter word that tells the life-giving message of salvation. The G.O.S.P.E.L. tells the whole story of the Bible in 6 key truths. Presented by www.Dare2Share.org.