Managing Your Group

Logging in to the “MANAGE YOUR GROUP” Page

  1. Once you've logged in to the groups homepage (Instructions for logging in HERE), click on the group you are a leader of (Note: all the groups we offer will be visible on this page, but you can only edit the group you are a leader of).

  2. Click the “Manage Group on Planning Center” Button and then click the “Take Me There Button”

Now you can start to manage your group!


On the “Manage Your Group Planning Center Page” you can click through your tabs to manage your members, add an event, add resources for members of your group, change your group settings, see your attendance reports, and see the overview of your group.

  1. Under the Members tab:

    1. You can Email your Members by selecting the email icon to email your group.

    2. You can add a new member manually or see pending requests from people who have applied to be part of your group

      NOTE: You will receive an email notifying you if someone would like to request to be part of your group. You will have the option to accept or decline (please give a reason in the message section if you decline). You will also receive a notification if you group reaches 8 people.

  2. Under the Events tab:

    1. You can see all your upcoming events or create a new event

    2. You can edit events by clicking on them and then clicking the “Edit Event” button

      1. ONE COOL THING - You can also have email reminders sent out for future events by turning on the button under event reminders

      2. You can make the event reoccurring so you don’t have to recreate events

      3. Make sure you click the “save” button at the bottom of the screen

  3. Under the Resources tab:

    1. You can add links or files for your group members to download

    2. Your group members can access these files from the planning center app - APPLE or ANDROID or online in your GROUPS PAGE

  4. Under the Settings tab:

    1. You can change your groups name, picture profile, scheduling info, and contact info. NOTE: We recommend not changing the email and phone number. That information is open to the public so we want people to email the office with questions and not you directly (we don't want you to get spammed). 

    2. You can make any notes you want the public to know about your group before they sign up (Ex. Childcare provided, We do dinners, We will meet Sundays or Saturdays depending on the calendar).

    3. You can add locations for your group that you can link to in your events so group members will have the right address. You can always edit or delete a location by using the small icons at the bottom of this section. NOTE: Only group members will be able to see exactly where your group will be meeting. The Public will only see an approximate location so they can decide if your group is close enough to attend.

  5. Under the Attendance tab:

    1. You can see your groups attendance

    2. You can add attendance for dates you have missed

      NOTE: You will receive an attendance email 10 min before your group starts. You can take attendance through that email (Instructions HERE) or by logging into the Manage your group page and clicking on the Attendance Tab

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