Raising Support

Below are some helpful links to help you raise support for your trip.

Please make sure you do the following:

  • Follow the Support Letter Instructions
  • Download and Include a Donation Form with each letter you send (NOTE: to download a Google Doc, click the "File" tab and then "Download As")
  • Include the 2 paragraphs written below in your letter. 

All Support Letters should include these two paragraphs:

You can find specific details for how to give on the enclosed donation form. You can give by cash, check, or online. The easiest way to give is online. You can go to my support page listed on the donation form and give there. If you see that I have met my support goal, I would respectfully ask that you still consider giving so I can help other members of my group attend. Your gift is tax deductible and if you give by cash or check, you can request a receipt on the donation from.
Every penny collected will first be used to help me attend. Any money raised over the amount I need will go towards supporting others that did not receive the full support, supplies we will be bringing, and then towards other youth trips.