Helping your teen live the Pi2 Life

You might be asking, what is Pi2 (pronounced Pie Squared)?  This is the method we use at RockLife for inviting people into a relationship with Jesus. Pi2 stands for

Pray => Invest => Invite

We believe the most effective way to invite someone to trust Jesus is through relationships.  As a parent, you can help us with this by encouraging and engaging your teenager through this process. At the bottom of the page, there are links to tell you what Pray, Invest, and Invite actually mean so you can walk with your teenager them.  

Encourage your teenager to look at the links as well (They are from the student resource section on the RockLife Homepage).

This is not a one time thing for us at RockLife.  Pi2 is a continual effort and we want the teens to embrace it wholeheartedly. 

One thing we have done for the teens to help them remember this is printing up Pi2 Prayer cards. We handed them out this past Wednesday and encouraged the teens to write down a person who doesn't know Jesus in each of the categories listed on the card.  Then they were to put the card somewhere where they could see it and pray for those people every time it caught their eye. 

If you as a parent, not only encouraged them to do this, but participated with them in this process, it would go a long way for your teens development in their relationship with Jesus.  Quite frankly, it would probably help you in your walk with God as well.

Here is a copy of the pray card - There will always be extras on the back table.