Where was God when...? - 7 - A preparation for something great


Ever wonder where God was when...?  Ever had a need that God didn't seem to meet?  Ever think that God just didn't care about you in your circumstance?

Below is an article written by John Piper to an eleven year old boy named "Tommy"about these very questions. Take time to think through and investigate these thoughts and compare them against what God's Word says. Because of the articles length, it has been broken up into 7 parts. 


So, Tommy, here’s my answer for why your family has gone through some hard times. He has great plans for you. He intends to use you and your family in some great work. But this work will be hard. It may be dangerous. He is getting your family ready for that. You are in training for a long, hard race. You are being conditioned.

Do you remember what I said a few minutes ago? I said, “God knows that there are some situations when truth in the heart is more important than food in the stomach.” I said I would tell you about one of those situations.

Once there were a group of brave Christians who were put in prison for telling people about Jesus. Jesus came to them through the apostle John and encouraged them with a promise. He said, “For ten days you will have tribulation. Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life” (Revelation 2:10).

In other words, he didn’t promise to get them out of prison. He promised to reward their faithfulness with a crown of life in heaven. Think about this: Which was more important for them, food in the stomach or truth in the heart?

They were going to die for Jesus. He told them so. Food would do them no good at all. What did they need more than anything? They needed faith. “Be faithful unto death.” Where does faith come from? It comes truth in the heart. True promises of God — that he will take care of you. Even if you die, he will take care of you. You are safe.

So when your father asked me to write you a letter about the truth of God’s love, even when you are hungry, he was loving you. He knows that truth in your heart is more important that food in your stomach.

He knows God is getting you — and your family — ready for some great work. You are being tested, trained, prepared. I will be excited to see what God does.

Be strong in the truth of Jesus, Tommy.

Your friend,

John Piper

Article Source: http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/letter-to-a-teenager-in-need