What Does Gossip Do?

In our Last post, "Why do we gossip?" we covered 5 reasons and explainations for why we gossip.  The Bible clearly shares with us that Gossip is a sin (Rom 1:28-32), but what does gossip do to us and to others?  Is gossip really all that bad?

 Below is not the complete list, but 5 main things the Bible says that gossip will do.  This list is taken from a message delivered by Pastor David Whiting.  The link to the full message can be found here: Gossip: The Acceptable Christian Addiction

1. Gossip destroys reputations

With their mouths the godless destroy their neighbors,
    but through knowledge the righteous escape.
Proverbs 11:9
If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.
Galatians 5:15

In the city of Galatia there were two primary groups, the legalists and the libertines.  The legalist were all about the rules and the libertines would say rules don’t mean anything.  Instead of sitting down and trying to work through their problems, these two groups went with the easy solution, they allowed their words to destroy and devour each other.

2. Gossip brings about conflict

A troublemaker and a villain,
    who goes about with a corrupt mouth,
     who winks maliciously with his eye,
    signals with his feet
    and motions with his fingers,
     who plots evil with deceit in his heart—
    he always stirs up conflict.
Proverbs 6:12-14

This is always what a gossip does, they always stir up conflict. A gossip will say “Come over here, let me tell you something.” They whisper it to you and it brings about conflict, it always does. 

3. Gossip reveals things that don’t need to be known

A gossip betrays a confidence,
    but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.
Proverbs 11:13
A gossip betrays a confidence;
    so avoid anyone who talks too much.
Proverbs 20:19

Here is a tip about people who gossip.  If someone gossips to you, that same person will gossip about you. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this person will gossip with you but will not talk about you to someone else.

4. Gossip Ruins Friendships

A perverse person stirs up conflict,
    and a gossip separates close friends.
Proverbs 16:28
Whoever would foster love covers over an offense,
    but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.
Proverbs 17:9

Gossip ruins friendships.  Telling stories that hurt reputations, even if it’s true, does damage. It damages your friendship with the person you are gossiping about or it damages the friendships of the person you are sharing information about with others.

Gossip makes us less like Christ

 Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly.
2 Timothy 2:16

Those who have a life habit of Gossip, become less and less like Jesus.

If Gossip is a sin and it destroys, what should we do about it?

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