This is a great article about a Bible reading plan app.  As a youth ministry, we offer a devotional book that works through the bible in small chunks, but if you are seeking to read through the bible in a year, or if you are looking for some extra Bible reading help, this is the article for you.  Reading my Bible is something I am always seeking to do better on.  Since I love using Technology, this was extremely interesting to me.  It may help you too!

The original article is from David Whiting.  Check out the whole articleHERE

He explains how he wants to read the Bible through in a year but it was difficult because he only had paper sheets to guide him. Below is where we pick up his comments.

But I am more and more dependent on technology, and wished that there was a digital reading checklist instead of pieces of paper that I need to print and put in my Bible.

Well, recently I came across an app called the ReadingPlan. I read about it in THIS article. If you don’t have a reading plan yet, you should check out this app. Or if you have a reading plan and wished that there was an app that supported it – ReadingPlan might be your answer.

But here is the cool part. I heard they will add a plan if they don’t have it on the app. So I had my assistant email app support with an attached PDF of my plan. I had a reply within a few hours that they were working on it, and within 24 hours my plan was in the list of available plans available on the app. After using it, I wished the app connected to YouVersion, in case I was reading from my phone, and within a few hours they emailed back with instructions about how to do that (it was already available, I just didn’t know how).

Here are a few screen shots of the options available on this app:

I hope that you find this resource as helpful as I do! You can find all kinds of reading plans and set up reminders. It is a great app!