A book every high schooler should read

Sexual Purity can seem impossible.  Between dating, to what we see through media, purity can be an uphill climb.  Often you can feel alone in this battle and it seems that their is no help.  

Add to this that sexual purity is often misunderstood.  Teens generally think, and are a lot of times taught, to just stay away from sex and everything will be ok.  Sexual Desires are viewed as bad or evil. This couldn't be further from the truth. Sexuality and sexual desires are a gift from God and should be viewed and treated as such.  Sex isn't the problem, it is what we do with it that is the problem.  Understanding this is crucial to informing how you can live a pure life that honors God with you bod.  Instead of making it our primary goal to run away from everything sex, we should run to God with our sexuality and desires. 

This book points to just that thought. It is a great resource and should be a must read for every high school teenager.  It talks about the real problem and the real solution for our impure desires. It points to the battle of the heart and how to find your ultimate pleasure in God, not sex. From there, you can live out your sexuality and purity the way God intended.  

Want to win the Battle for purity?  First, find your pleasure in God. This book will walk you through the Bible and life to help you take the steps you need to. This battle for purity may take a long time, the road might be tough and feel lonely, but taking steps towards God is worth it, and this book will point you in that direction. Take time to read it. It will be worth your while.

P.S. It is a shorter book.

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