Pi2 Two Week Challenge

Over the next two weeks, we want to challenge everyone to grow in prayer.  We can talk about prayer a bunch, but let's do it together.  Imagine what will happen when you start seeing answers to your prayers!  Join us for this 2 week challenge! 

See the instructions below 

Pick up a Pi2 prayer card in "The Back" (it looks like this).

Pick one name for at least one category on the card.  On the back write down two specific prayer requests that you are willing to share with your life group (leave space for an answer to your prayer request).

Answer these questions below about your prayer card:

o    How many days a week will I commit to praying for these things?
o    What time of day will I pray for these?
o    Where will I pray for these?
o    Who in this group will ask me how I did next week?

Share the answers you have seen (or not seen) with your Life Group next week!  

Let's do Prayer Together