What is your Big Goal in Life? A formula for intentional living

Series: Pi2 - A Formula For Intentional Living  Lesson: 1 – Greater Purpose?   Scripture: Luke 19:1-10

Lesson Points: 

-  Those that were least like Jesus really liked Jesus

-  Jesus was trying to show the Pharisees that the people they hated most (tax collectors and sinners), are the ones God loves and came to save

-  3 actions that showed Jesus' heart

  1. Jesus noticed and payed attention
  2. Jesus didn’t tear down (with words and actions like everyone else did)
  3. Jesus focused on the real need

- This was Jesus's Big Harry Audacious Goal - Luke 19:10 – For the Son of Man came to Seek and to Save the lost

Lost people matter to God so they need to matter to us.

10 for 10 challenge - 10 different students seek to each invite 1 friend to Jesus through Pi2 (Pray, Invest, Invite)

Life Group Questions

What have been some of your BHAG’s? (Big Harry Audacious Goals)

Share your story, who you are, what has gotten you to this point in life.

Luke 19:10 – What did Jesus center his life around? What does that imply we should center our life around?

We might say we agree with the statement above, but do our lives match that? Why?

What are some ways you have seen RockLife orient itself towards reaching the lost? How could we do this better?

We are planning to do an activity on October 29th. What could we do that could help us reach out to friends who are far from God?

Would you be willing to accept the 10 for 10 challenge? What is one person you could reach out to? How could this group help you this week?