10/06/19 - RockLife Lesson - Identity - 4 - Invite

We all have things that define us; Sports, School, Our Love for People, Our Anger... If we are not careful, we can let things that we never intended to define us, shape who we are. We need to be intentional about our IDENTITY. This is true for our youth group as well. What makes us who we are and how can we be intentional about keeping those things as priorities in our lives together?

In this final week, we will talk about Inviting others to God. We Share Jesus, because God has given us such great news! We share good news to others in our every day lives. We should be so overwhelmed by the good news of Jesus, that it's worth everything to us to share it. We want to show from God's word and in life that the good news of Jesus is worth sharing!

This Weeks Lesson: Acts 20:20-24

Main Point: We Share Jesus Together Because WE HAVE GOOD NEWS