04/10/16 - Leaders Meeting

  • Leaders Notes - Click HERE
  • OTD Skill Levels - Click HERE

Next Meeting - May 15th - put it on your calendar HERE


  • NEED HELP - New Leader Training - I Need some help – I need 2 or 3 of you for 2 nights or so. We will get together and talk through how we can better train new leaders. By volunteering for this, I will probably ask you to help train new leaders next year.  Contact me if you are interested (518) 542-1351 or rocklife3662@gmail.com
  • Evaluating your groups missional (going out, not just reaching out) heartbeat. Watch the video at the bottom of the page (if you didn't in the meeting). What is an attainable goal for next spring to see progress within our groups' missional heartbeat?
  • Read over the “OTD skill levels.” Offer suggestion in the comment section below for how we can make this better, how we should train the teens on this, how we should distribute this to the teens, what other steps we need to take to help them grow in their personal time with God.