05/15/16 - Leaders Meeting

  • Leaders Notes - Click HERE
  • OTD Skill Levels - Click HERE
  • The Church and Homosexuality - Watch the Messages HERE or listen to the podcast HERE and look for the 4 messages - What Does the Bible Say about Homosexuality?, Rethinking Our Responses, Answering Objections with Grace and Truth, FAQ

Next Meeting - June 12th - put it on your calendar HERE


  • Start asking some of the questions in group and report back.
  • Ask about HIGHS & LOWS?
  • What was an INTERESTING thing you experienced today?
  • How did you see GOD at work in the lives around you?
  • GRACE in ME - How has God been at work in you?
  • Was there anything you wish you could have a DO OVER for?
  • What PRAYER REQUEST do you have?